Computer Science Question Class 9

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Computer Science Question Class 9

Shree Gauri Shankar Higher Secondary School
Nijgadh-8, Bara
Final Terminal Examination - 2072
Subject : Computer Science
Class: 9(Nine)                 Time: 1:30 hrs                F.M/P.M-50/20

Group A: Computer Fundamental |20 Marks|
1. Answer the following questions:                            |4x2=8|
a)      Write down the features of fourth generations of computer.
b)      List any two advantages of hard disk over floppy disk.
c)      Differentiate between impact and non-impact printer?
d)      What is a microprocessor? List the different parts of microprocessor.

2. Write down the full form for the followings: |4x0.5=2|
    i. USB                      ii. CRT             iii. BASIC                    iv. BCD

3. State whether the following statements are true or false:             |4X0.5=2|
a)      Mark I was invented by Howard Aiken.
b)      The secondary memory is long term memory used to store program and data for the future reference.
c)      A typical 3.5 inch floppy disk holds 1.2 MB of data.
d)      John Napier invented Napier's bone in 1690.

4. Match the following: |4x0.5=2|
a)      ROM                               Fourth generation
b)      Digital camera                 Primary memory
c)      VLSI                               DBMS
d)      Photoshop                                   Input device

5. Write the technical term for each of the following statement: |4x0.5=2|
a)      A specialized computer display that projects an enlarged image on a movie screen.
b)      A device that is known as fixed disk.
c)      A computer that features the best characteristics of analog and digital computer.
d)      A peripheral device for producing text, images on paper for present and future use.

6.  Convert the following as indicated:                      |2|
 i) (101010)2 into decimal               ii) (123)8 into decimal

   b. Perform the following binary calculation: |2x1=2|
     i) (11101)2 + (11010)2                    ii) (11101)2 ¸(110)2

Group B: Operating System |5 marks|
7. Define Operating system. |1|

8. Write down the function carried out by the following DOS commands: |2|
ii) C:\> COPY  C:\CAFE\*.TXT  D:\

9. Write down MS-DOS commands to do following tasks: |2|
  i) To display the contents of drive C:
 ii) Delete all the files with extension .DOC belonging to the Dinesh directory of the drive C.

Group C: HTML |5 Marks|
10. Answer the following questions: |3x1=3|
  i) Name any two browsers.
 ii) What is the function of <IMG SRC>  code in HTML?
 iii) What is the use of BEHAVIOR attribute in HTML?

11. Fill in the blanks with suitable word: |4x0.5=2|
  i) The largest heading size of HTML tag is _____.
 ii) _____ is the native protocol of the Internet and required for internet connectivity.
 iii) _____ is an easy-to-use markup language used to develop web pages.
 iv) _____ attribute displays a solid black line that has no shading.

Group D: Programming |20 Marks|

12.a. What is variable? List the various types of variable.  |1|
      b. Mention any two features of QBASIC.                                                |1|
      c. What do you mean by array?                                                  |1|

13.a.  Draw a flowchart to find out the greatest number among three different numbers. |2|

      b. Write down the output of the following program:                  |2|
N = 1
FOR J = 1 TO 5
N = 10*N+1

14.a. Read the following program and answer the given questions: |2|
X = 5
FOR K = 1 TO X
S = S + K
 i) What will be the output of the above program?
ii) Find the result if the line S=S+K is replaced with S = S +K^2.

b. Rewrite the following program after correcting bugs. |2|
REM To find the product of 10 natural numbers
FOR I = 1 TO 10
P = P X N
PRITN Product = P

15. a. Write a program to input a word and count total number of vowel in the input word.   |3|
      b. Write a program to find the smallest number from the following data. |3|
          76 , 45 , 55 , 67 , 71 , 40 , 25 , 12 , 89 , 67
      c. Write a program to convert temperature given in Centigrade into Fahrenheit.    |3|

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