Computer Science Question Class 7

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Computer Science Question Class 7

Shree Gauri Shankar Higher Secondary School
Nijgadh-8, Bara
Final Terminal Examination - 2072
Subject : Computer Science
Class: 7 (Seven)                 Time: 1:30 hrs                  F.M/P.M-75/24

1. Answer the following questions (any eight):                                  |4x8=32|
a)      Who is known as the father of computer? List his inventions.
b)      List any four features of the Fourth generation computers.
c)      List the types of computer on the basis of  task.
d)      What is language processor software? List the different types of language processor software.
e)      What is information and communication technology ? List the ICT tools.
f)       List the four common destructive task of computer viruses.
g)      What is antivirus? List any four antivirus software.
h)      List any four advantages of computer network.
i)        What is internet ? list it services.
j)        What web browser? List any two web browser.

2. Write the full form of the following:                                  |1x5=5|
    i. URL                      ii. ISP               iii. IC               iv. VLSI           v. IBM

3. State whether the following statements are true or false:             |6|
a)      Pascaline was invented by Charles Babbage .
b)      The fifth generation computer will have artificial intelligence.
c)      Digital computer can measure altitude of a mountain.
d)      Operating system is used to create a document.
e)      Utility software takes care and maintains a computer.
f)       A computer virus can hide itself in other host file.

4. Fill in the blanks:                                                                |6|
a)      Google chrome and windows Internet Explorer are _____ .
b)      _____is the sending and receiving mail through computer.
c)      Seismograph is an example of _____ computer.
d)      No application software can run without _____ software.
e)      Hiding and _____ are two common characteristics of all the viruses.
f)       Software that detects and removes viruses is known as _____.

5. Write the technical term for each of the following statement:      |4|
a)      A network of networks.
b)      A device that converts digital signal into analog signal and vice versa.
c)      The moral principles that should be followed by all the computer users.
d)      A destructive program that disrupts the normal functioning of a computer.

6.  Match the following:                                                                     |5|
   Group A                              Group B
Antivirus                             Network within a city.
LAN                                    Kaspersky
MAN                                   Network within a room or building.
WAN                                   Service of the Internet.
WWW                                 Largest network of computers.

7. Perform the following binary calculation.                                                 |2|
   i) 11001+10101                                ii) 10110-1101

8. Convert the following as indicated                                                            |2|
   i) (123)10 into binary                         ii) (1010)2 into decimal
9. Write the algorithm and draw flowchart  to calculate area of a rectangle.

10. Write short notes on : (any two)                                      |2x2=4|
    (a) Computer Network                     (b) Computer virus      (c) E-mail

8. Write down the steps to perform the following task (any two) :|2x2.5=5|
  a) To open a new document.
  b) To make text Italic.
  c) To check spelling and grammatical errors.

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