Ghumto Partha / Prada System in Nepal

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghumto Partha / Prada System in Nepal

Ghumto Partha  as we also says  Prada System is popular  in Nepal . Covering Head by Married woman is called gumto system. The literal meaning of Gumto is veil which is used to cover the face by married women in order not to show their faces to other  males expert their is unnecessary burden to the women which is against human right. it is mainly found in terai Madesh belt of Nepal. it is also gender discrimination , which need to be stopped soon. Now a days because of education on girls  and community it so stopping day by day but not completed yet.
Gumto Pratha in Nepal : Pic by Nischal Basnet Facebook

The situation of gender discrimination is appeared in society. it hampers the personality development of hampers to participate openly in various sectors such as economic, educational, political etc. It severally affects the fundamental and human Rights of women.

If we all keep hands on hands we can fix this problems by Mass awareness campaigns should be launched in the concern community. The role of NGOs should be concentrated to give various life skills trainings to uplift the social status of women in such communities. A strick law should be formulated to abolish the system.


Many more gramatical mistakes are seen .