EPH Question Class 9

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

EPH Question Class 9

Shree Gauri Shankar Higher Secondary School
Nijgadh-8, Bara
Second Terminal Examination - 2072
Subject : EPH
Class: 9 (Nine)                     Time: 1 hr.                   F.M/P.M-75/24

Group A
Very short questions
Attempt all the questions from this group.                                                             (10x1=10)
1)       What is the total population of Nepal according to census report of 2068?
2)          What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air?
3)          Against which diseases is BCG vaccine given?
4)          If the First date of last menstruation of a woman is 10 Baishakh 2072 then find out her EDD.
5)          When is International Consumer Day celebrated?
6)          Write any two basic needs of family ?
7)          What does AIDS stand for ?
8)          What is the permanent method of contraception for male?
9)          State one characteristic of nuclear family .
10)      What is first aid?
                                                                                Group B
Attempt any 13 questions from this group.                                                            (13x5=65)

11)      Health educations helps to live healthy life whereas population education helps to live quality life. Explain
12)      Why is an employed villager tries to migrate in the town? Give reasons.
13)      Discuss the  importance of  renewable natural resources.
14)      What are the social changes of  adolescence? Describe
15)      What is Latrine ? Describe its types.
16)      What are the conservation measure of air, water and land ?
17)      Why the earth is called living planet ? Justify
18)      Why are farmers suggested to use compost fertilizer more than chemical fertilizer ?
19)      What do you mean conception at age and what happen due to conception before age?
20)      Describe the three main types of marriage massively in practice in our society.
21)      In what way do you take care of your old aged grand parents? Make a plan.
22)      Write short note on. a) Migration b) Menstruation
23)      How is the poisonous snake recognized?
24)      Differentiate between Vasectomy and minilap.
25)      How can quackery be prevented? Write in five points.

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