Computer Science Class 11 Questions

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Computer Science Class 11 Questions

Shree Gauri Shankar Higher Secondary School
Nijgadh-8, Bara
Second Terminal Examination - 2072
Subject : Computer Science
Class: XI (Eleven)              Time: 3 hrs.                 F.M/P.M-75/27

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Group A
Attempt any 3 questions: |3x10=30|
1.       What is generation of computer? Explain the different generation of computer with their major features.
2.    What is memory? Describe the different types of memory present in the computer system.
3.    What is an operating system? Explain any four types of operating system.
4.     What is programming? Explain the different types of programming languages with their merits and demerits.
Group B
Attempt any 9 questions: |5x9=45|
5.    Differentiate between analog and digital computer.
6.    What is octal number system? Convert (167)8 octal number into (?)2 binary number.
7.    What is NOR gate and construct its truth table.
8.    What is Output? List out major features of Non-impact printer.
9.    What is booting? Describe the types of computer booting.
10. Explain the differences between syntax and semantics.
11. What is word processing? List out the major features of word processor.
12. State the Demorgan's theorem and verify it.
13. Subtract (10001)2 from (11011)2 using 1's and 2's complement method.
14. Write short notes on:
a) Scanner                     b) Super computer

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