Girish Khatiwada Back with Reggae Song 'Timilai napai chaddina

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Girish Khatiwada Back with Reggae Song 'Timilai napai chaddina

Girish Khatiwada is the first Nepali Rapper. Girish Khatiwada introduced Nepali Hip Hop aka NepHop to Nepal in 1993 at the early age of 15. After releasing the first Nepali Hip Hop song titled ‘Meaningless Rap‘ in a compilation album called ‘Talents-3‘, he was then introduced to Pranil Timalsena by his cousin. Girish and Pranil formed a R&B and HipHop duo called Girish-Pranil (G.P.) and released a full-length commercial album tiled ‘Meaningless Rap – the album‘. After massive commercial success of Meaningless Rap, Girish took a break from music and pursued his further studies and completed his BBA.

After completion of BBA, and numerous offers from many record labels, Girish met Pranil again to discuss their second studio album ‘Back Again‘.  This album ‘Back Again’ included a song titled ‘Ma Yesto Chhu‘ which peaked at no1 charts on many national Radio Stations and TV Channels making them a house-hold name. The album did even better commercially inviting them to shows around Nepal and abroad. At this time, Girish was preparing a rap crew called ‘Girish & theUnity’ to introduce new rappers to the Nepali Hip Hop scene. At the same time, Girish was preparing for his higher education in the United States so he could complete his further studies to keep his parents happy and witness the American HipHop scene first hand. He completes his studio work for his next concept album titled ‘Girish & theUnity presents X‘. This album included songs like ‘Shez da Bomb‘, ‘Da Drug Song‘, ‘Money‘, ‘Malai Vote Deu’ and many other chart-topping hits.

Girish headed to the Unites States to complete his MBA, learnt DJing, music production and returned back home to Nepal in 2011 to server the Nepali Pop Music industry. On his return, he gave continuous hits like ‘Tolaibaschhu ft Ethos’, ‘Sadak ko Army‘, ‘Ganja Man‘, ‘Lakhar Lakhar ft Sugam Pokharel’, ‘Miss Kollywood ft B8′ and many.

Girish currently busy preparing his new album ‘Nakabandi‘ – the name beacause the entire album was written, composed and recorded during the unofficial Indian blockade to Nepal.

Girish Khatiwada, sometimes referred to as Girish Nephop or Gorkhali G

Now  This Time Girish is Back with his new Lyrics Video song with Nepali Model