How to Send Free SMS From NCELL to Ncell Nepal (Zero balance)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to Send Free SMS From NCELL to Ncell Nepal (Zero balance)

Hello everyone,
 Today i am gonna say you that how to send Ncell sms free within ncell network
 even you have zero balance.
First of all you have to download Ncell app from play store and register your number in app and send daily free 10 sms.

  • Send 10 free SMS everyday to any Ncell number
  • Check your call details and last 10 transactions
  • Ask for support and track its status
  • Find tariff rates for Roaming destination and activate the service.
  • Calculate data plans based on your usage.
  • Find nearest location of Ncell Centre, Ncell Shop and Point of Sales
  • Get tariff information
  • Free data charges after download except using Ncell Store Locator map and redirected pages.

  • Other Key Features of Ncell app:
    • Automatically login with your mobile number
    • Check current balance
    • Check data usage
    • Recharge your or friend’s account
    • Transfer balance to your friends and family
    • Activate any service
    • Convert your prepaid number to postpaid
    • Get best offer designed for you

    I hope you download it on your phone and enjoy cheers all