SLC Model Question of Computer Science

Thursday, January 21, 2016

SLC Model Question of Computer Science

Computer For Class 10 (Model Set 1)

Model Set 1
 Group A
1.   Answer the following questions: -                                   1x5=5
      a)   'Computer network reduces cost.' Give any two stpoints to support this statement.
      b)   What is internet? Give any two popular web browser  software.
      c)   Give one positive and one negative impact of computer in our society.
      d)   Give any two preventive measures for computer software security.
      e)   What is computer virus? Name any one antivirus   software.
2.   Fill in the blanks with suitable words: -                      4 x 0.5=2
      a) a buying and selling products online.
      b)   A network ........... refers to the physical layout of the  network.
      c)   A computer capable of handling a text, graphics, audio,animation and video is called
      d)   Computer virus can be removed from the computer system using ..................programs.
3.   Write the full forms of the following: -                      4 x 0.5=2
      a)   NIC        b)    UPS          c)   HTTP         d)   NAV
4.   Match the following: -                                                4 x 0.5=2
      a)   Web browser     Reliable power protection device
      b)   Cyber ethics       to share hardware and software resources
      c)   UPS                   internet explorer
      d)   Network            Moral principles
5.   Give an appropriate technical terms of the following: -           2
      a)   Number of bits that can be transferred per second over a                  given transmission medium-  
      b)   The structure in which computers are connected in local                   area network-             
      c)   A device that connects the network using the same                           communication protocol-       
      d)   Network of networks-
6.   Select the correct answer: -                                                      2  
 a)         Which is a network operating system?
            i)  Ms-Dos     ii)   Ms-Access    iii) Windows NT iv) Server
      b)   In which communication media do the data travels in the light signal?                
            i)  Telephone wire   ii)  Fiber optic  iii)  Coaxial cable
            iv)  Twisted pair cable
      c)   Which is not the protocol?
            i)  TCP/IP     ii)   IPX/SPX    iii)  Client-Server  iv)                                        NETBIOS/NETBUI
      d)   Which is the antivirus program?
            i)  MS-Access     ii)   AVG    iii)  Windows XP  iv)                                        Windows Vista
      Group B
Database Management
7.   Answer the following questions                                    3 x 2=6
      a)   List any four data types used in Ms-Access table.
      b)   What is data sorting? Write the difference between sorting              and filtering.  
      c)   What is a form? Write an importance of report.
8.   Choose the correct answer: -                                       4 x 0.5=2
      a)   The default value size of text field is.................
            i)    40           ii)   50       iii)   256      iv)  255
      b)   Which (object) of Ms-access is used to enter data?            
            i)    Report    ii)   Table   iii)   Form    iv)  Both i and ii
      c)   A column is access table is ...........................
            i)    Record   ii)   database    iii)   Query    iv)  Field
      d)   How many types of relationships is possible in Access.
            i)    one         ii)   two            iii)   three      iv)  four
9.   Match the followings: -                                               4 x 0.5=2
      a)   Primary key                   picture
      b)   OLE                              data type
      c)   memo                             easy to search
      d)   sort                                unique identification of record
Group C
10. Answer the following questions: -                                 1 x 3=3
      a)   What does the modular programming mean.
      b)   Give the difference between local and global variables.
      c)   Give the functions of CLOSE and KILL statements.
11. Debug the program.                                                                  2
      Declare function REV$ (st$)
      Input "enter the string";s$
      Let r$=rev$(st$)
      print "the string in reverse"; r$
      function rev$ (st$)
      for i=len(st$) to 1
      rv$=rv$ + mid$(st$,1,i)
      next i
      rv$= rev$
      End function
12. Find the output of the given program.                                     2
      declare sub btod ()
      call btod

sub btod ()
do while a<>0
b =a mod 10
ans=ans + (b* (ba^pow))
print ans;
end sub
12. Read the following program and answer the following questions. 4
Declare sub strin (x$)
sub strin (x$)
for i=l to 1 step -2
print mid$(x$,i,1);
next i
end sub
      a)   What statement should be added to the main module to                               execute the program?
      b)   What will be the output of the program.
      c)   What will be the value of L if x$="Nepal"
      d)   List out the numeric and string variables used in the program.
13. a)   Write a program using function to print the series: 5,55,555              upto the 6th term.         3
      b)   Write a program  using subroutine to find the smallest  number among five numbers.  3
      c)   Write a program in to print the records of the file "student.dat" whose year of birth is between 1970 to        1990. The fields are roll, name, phone and b(mm-dd- yyyy). 3
Group D
(C Language)
1.   Write two differences between C and Qbasic Language?       1
2.   What is header file? Write two common header files name?   1
3.   Write a program in C language to find to check whether the number is odd or even.     1.5
4.   Write a program in C language to  find the sum of first 10 odd numbers.           1.5

The End