How to Manage Setting NTC (Nepal Telecom) GPRS

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How to Manage Setting NTC (Nepal Telecom) GPRS

  • Go to Main menu, Settings
  • Go to Connections
  • Create New connection
    1. Name: Ntc
    2. Access Name: ntwap
    3. Auth. Type: None
    4. Protocal: HTTP
    5. Home URL:
    6. Proxy Address:
    7. Port: 8000
    8. Leave other fields as it is and save.
  • Go back to Internet, Browser Settings and select the connection as 'Ntc'
  • Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet.

  • How to Access GPRS?

    Following are the pre requisites to utilize GPRS on your handset 

    1. GPRS compatible handset or mobile devices
    2. Service activated on your mobile number 
    3. Respective handset / mobile GPRS settings on your handset 

    GPRS Tariff

    Basic Setting Parameters for GPRS & MMS

    Proxy Server :-, Port :- 8000

    For accessing internet/WAP through your mobile handset :-
    GPRS APN :- ntwap
    GPRS Home Page :-

    For accessing internet through computer by using GPRS service in your mobile phone :-
    APN :- ntnet

    For sending and receiving MMS :-
    MMS APN :- ntmms
    MMS Home Page/Server Address :-

    Note: In some case you need to restart your mobile set.

    To send/receive mms messages, do the settings similar to above but choose APN as ntmms and use MMS server IP address as listed below. Please note that using APN ntwap to send/receive mms messages may incur double charging of mms services. Hence please make sure that you have select correct APN; that is "ntmms" to send/receive mms messages