Advantage of Computer Network

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Advantage of Computer Network

The networks computers have the following advantages:

Data and Software Sharing
The Computers on the network can share data, information and software among them. The programs installed in a server computer can be shared by other computers on the network. They can transfer data, information and files among them.

Hardware Sharing 
The Computers on the network can share their hardware resources. They can share hard disk, DVD drive, Scanner, Printer, etc. The sharing of these hardware reduces the cost of expenses of the organizations, offices, schools, etc.

Communication Facility 
The network computer can communicate with each other. They can send or receive messages. Email, Chat, Video Conference are some example of communication facilities.

Data and Software transferring facility 
Network computer  can transfer data and software from one computer to other computers.

Remote Accessing facility 
A computer  on the network can remotely access the far computer. For example,  a computer attached with  ATM which at a far distance from the bank can assess the server computer of the bank network.